This Automated House

Brian S. Vance lives with his wife Lori in the "House from Heck" in rural South Western Ohio.  Currently,  X10 is his primary flavor of home automation with a small assortment of Insteon devices. 

Home systems that are automated include:  All lighting, HVAC and home audio which includes an outdoor Carillon which can run up to 100 watts.  Brian is currently experimenting with X10 inclusion to certain plumbing systems which include a pool filler and in the near future, the "X10 Shower".  Brian uses his automation of the HVAC systems to monitor fuel consumption by his furnace in winter thus allowing for automatic email ordering of fuel oil.  The home is also heated by a multi-zone hydronic system fired by a home built wood boiler located outside of the house.  All zones and pumps in this system are controlled via X10.