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4-Channel Wireless Receiver & 4 Wireless Infrared Color Cameras

I bought these cams on (nice site). I looked everywhere and could not find the manufacture name. I also done a lot of internet searches and found over 100 cameras that look just like them so my guess is somewhere (made in china) they mass produce them for companies to brand as their own. That being said I still wanted to review the camera because I use them.

The cams have metal housing and are weather proof so they have some weight to them but are built nice. The wireless receiver is made of plastic and has 4 video inputs and only one audio input. It also has 2 video outputs. The wireless uses 2.4 GHz frequency and only has a range of about 20 feet not to mention 2.4 GHz is a busy frequency. I tried every combination of wireless channels but they still interfered with my wireless router. The nice thing about these cams is you don’t have to use them wireless they also have audio/video cables. They are only about 2 inches long so you will need added cables also to disable the wireless you have to open the camera up and unplug the wireless card. Sounds harder then it really is. Just unscrew the lens and remove the cameras main board and you will see the plug running to the antenna. All you need to do is unplug it. The image quality during the day is good. Every thing has a green tint to it but you can still make out colors. At night when the 30 Infrared led’s comes on the cam has an ok image. It of course is in black and white (or well greenish) color. The view at night is limited to about 20 feet and during the day is up to 30 feet. Over all for the price these are Good wired cameras. For a wireless Camera the range and image quality isn’t really worth the money.

Review by Jason Long

TAH Review 1(poor) to 5 (great)
Price -------------------------------- 4
Ease of use------------------------- 4
Communication quality----------- 3
Image Quality--------------------- 4
Over all Quality-------------------- 4