This Automated House

In this project, we hooked a powerflash to the doorbell button contacts and a UM506 to activate the existing doorbell, X10 addresses were then assigned to the powerflashes and the CM15A recorded the button pushes.

X10Dispatcher was then used to play WAV files on the various HA computers around the house.  Dispatcher was used because:

1) It prevents the same trigger from playing a sound in a  set period of time (called "sound spamming").

2) Dispatcher can be set not to play sounds during a set period of time (i.e. in the middle of the night).

The great thing about this setup is that it also ramps up my porch light to 100% (or turns it on after 11 pm) during the night, turns on a light in the living room (if it's off) and takes a pic of who's at the door.

Here are some of our seasonal doorbell wavs.




Be sure to check back often for additional sounds!

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