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X10  Product Reviews

AM466 is made by X10. The AM466 is a 3 pin appliance module. The module as a max load of: Resistive 15A, Motor 1/3 hp, Lamp 500w (incandescent, fluorescent or halogen), TV 400w. It has dials to set the X10 house and unit codes. Having 3-pins (grounded) helps with all today appliances. The AM466 does make a clucking noise when it is turned on and off but isn't something that most people find to be a big deal. Some even like hearing it as away of confriming it has received the signal. The module is made of mostly plastic and is pretty bulky. If you plug it into the top plug of a wall outlet it will block the buttom outlet but compared to other home automation modules the size is about average. Over all the AM466 works great and does what it was designed for.  The same module has a 2 pin model AM486Review was done by Jason Long

LM465 is made by X10. The LM465 is a plug-in dimmable X10 controlled lamp module. The lamp module uses the dials on front of it to set the X10 house and unit code. This module has a built in soft start feature so when you turn the lamp on via X10 the light will fade on or off. This is designed to help with bulb life. The lamp that is pluged into the LM465 can be manualy turned on by switching the lamp on and off using the lamp's switch. The construct is mainly plastic and is alittle bulky in size but compared to other powerline technolgy lamp modules the size is average. The LM465 is designed for 300w (incandescent) lights only. This review was done by Jason Long

WS467 is made by X10. It is a hardwired dimmable X10 controlled push button wall switch. The switch over all works great. The push button control gives it a futuristic feel. The WS467 can be controlled manually with the button or with X10. To use the dim or bright feature at the switch you need to push and hold the button until you see the light dim and to go brighter you release the button and press and hold it again. It has preset dim feature, this means if you shut the light off at a dim level when you turn it back on it will come on to that dim level. The newer WS476's also has an soft start feature. When you turn the switch on or off you will see the light slowly fade off or on. The helps save bulb life but has been known to cause trouble when programming in X10's Active Home Pro software.  The construction of the switch is metal and plastic. It fits into a normal wall switch box and is rated up to 500w (incandescent) it is designed to control lighting only!! This review was done by Jason Long